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ADHD Counseling

When first learning that your child has ADHD, a learning disorder also called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder you and your child might be a little scared. You might start to wonder if he/she could ever have a normal life. Depression might set in with your child and from there you are in need of a Counselor to help you and your family sort out the issue.

It’s never easy with something hard happens in your family and learning your child had ADHD is no exception. You are strong for you child or children because you know that’s what you should be. But behind closed doors, its breaks your heart and maybe you start thinking it’s your fault. Maybe you start thinking about stuff you could have done better. Truth is we all do that. We all get scared that we did something to hurt our children, when the last thing we ever wanted was for them to be hurt. Try as you may, you live everyday making your child feel loved and special but inside you might have regret, not regret for your child, but the regret of thinking you could have changed this.

It’s not your fault though. These things happen and now you have to learn to live life as happily as possible so that your child doesn’t feel as though he’s different. Children with ADHD know that they are different, but they don’t have to feel it. It’s hard enough for them to go to school thinking that they are different and won’t it. So we as parents need to make sure we go the measure to make the happy. Some people need a little help to fit this mold and that’s why we have counselors.

The counselors will help us to see what we can do in the future to help our children with ADHD. They will also listen to whatever you need to tell them. Something’s you just can’t say to other’s, even to your closest friends. So it’s nice to have some one there who will listen to everything. Counselors are also there to help your children to cope with ADHD and to help them learn how to better deal with their feelings about it.

Some counselors are specially educated for dealing with ADHD alone and these are probably the best ones to go with. They do things like group therapy which allows your child to see that others are dealing with the same thing.

If you are considering counseling you definitely no matter what want to make sure you talk it over with your child. He may like the idea and then again it’s possible he may think something is truly wrong with him. It happens all the time; children start to feel like freaks, not like normal children.

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